Brief Summary Of October 2019

Written By David Palmer OBE 

International cyber-attacks on the West continue to proliferate, with Russia, China and Iran being main activists. US NSA and UK NCSC have jointly warned that Russian hackers ‘Turlia Group’ have successfully infiltrated the Iranian hackers Neuron and Nautilus, and the data linked with them. Cyber attacks by the Russian group, whether ransomware, DDoS. malware, etc, would be wrongly attributed to the Iranian groups. Kaspersky reports that malware attacks on IoT devices are 9 times more prevalent than last year, with 105 million attacks reported in the last 6 months. Businesses are being targeted by fast- increasing DDoS attacks. The 2016 attack on the Dyn DNS server in 2106, which took down Netflix, Spotify and Amazon, used an IoT powered botnet, which is in increasing use today. Amazon Web Services suffered a DDoS attack lasting 8 hours this month. Ransomware attacks on businesses surge, with some 6.4 million attacks in the US, and an increase of 195% in the UK, mainly using GandCrab. Businesses that are or believe they are at risk can mitigate against DDoS by employing one of several DDoS mitigation services available. Russian cyber-espionage group APT28 (Fancy Bear) has now commenced extortion ransomware demands of 2 bitcoins, increasing by 1 bitcoin every day without payment. 27 million victims are being targeted by a major botnet ’sextortion’ campaign to prevent embarrassing data from previous data breaches being made public, for a charge of US$800 in bitcoin.

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