Brief Summary of June 2021


This month’s biggest news all share the same keyword and that word is ransomware. Whether it is the JBS foods ransomware attack where the cyber criminals got a ransom of $11 Million paid out to them in Bitcoin, the new report that shows that 80% of the victims get re-targeted for ransomware once the first attack is over or that a large amount of culprits of these attacks stay out of reach of both US and EU authorities since Russia doesn’t extradite its own citizen to face charges even if they are brought against them and if arrested abroad will try to get them back before they can be extradited. In other news LinkedIn was the victim of a data scraping scandal when the data of 92% users was put up for sale on the RaidForums a notorious hacking forum it appears that the hacker misused the official LinkedIn API to download the data that contains names, e-mail addresses, physical addresses, geolocations, phone numbers etc. In good news FBI and Have I Been Pwned have announced a partnership making it even more crucial as a first warning if any of you data has been leaked. My Book Live users where the victim of a mysterious malicious software that wiped terabytes of data and made Western Digital announce that all users should disconnect their devices stating that the final firmware update for the service was back in 2015.

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