Brief Summary Of June 2020

Written By David Palmer OBE 

The proliferation of homeworkers has caused further cyber problems. Broadband providers have suffered serious outages caused by overload, Including Virgin Media (twice). A third of UK broadband users say they have experienced disruption. Cloud providers have also been affected, the most serious being IBM Cloud, with outages world-wide for up to 12 hours. There has also been a surge in older malware strains being used to insert remote access trojans, keyloggers, botnets and spyware to home workers, according to Malwarebytes CTNT report. In a U-turn, Zoom will now offer end-to-end encryption to all users. However, it is developing technology to allow China to block meetings it does not approve of. Rival conference provider, Webex, identified a flaw which allowed unauthorised access to meetings and records, but this has now been patched. Jobseekers are warned that some Linkedin job offers may be false, containing data-exfiltrating malware. A DDOS attack, on a large European bank, which is claimed to be the largest ever, hitting 2.3Tbps, has now been blocked. State-based cyber-attacks continue, the most serious being the continuing and increasing attacks on the Australian government, infrastructure operators and essential service providers, which their PM blames on China. There has been an increase in ransomware attacks, major victims being Honda, where manufacturing was put on hold at some locations, US government websites and agencies, such as NASA and DISA, and the city of Knoxville. Windows May 2020 Update continues to cause problems, including unwanted Chrome logouts, forced reboots, major ThinkPad errors, and incompatibility with some USB printers.

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