Brief Summary of April 2021


The most influential news story of this month stems from the personal data leak of over 500 million Facebook users and included e-mail addresses, locations and phone numbers. The data has already been added to the haveibeenpwnd website for easy checking. Ransomware gangs have found a new revenue source by promising to sell the information to stock traders so they can profit of the fall of share prices once a successful attack has happened and pressure the target to pay out. Currently there is no information if this type of attack has happened but it sets a precedent for the future. The Royal Mail related phishing scams have increased by 645% in a month with over 138 malicious sites trying to mislead people to submit personal information to them while posing as the mail service. The Brazilian Remote Access Tool Android has been spreading havoc across the US and Spain masquerading as a security tool on Google Play store with the goal of stealing banking data. LinkedIn is being used to spread malware contained in a zip file disguised as a job offer that corresponds to the job position of the target.

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