About Paratus

Paratus is the first fully automated SECaaS marketplace platform, with optimal security solutions, AI and security management. The Paratus platform is free to use for both the suppliers and clients.

Our clients get to see and compare the best cyber security providers form all over the world and pick the provider that best suits their needs. While our suppliers get the chance to expand into new markets without any cost to themselves. That gives them the opportunity to invest all the extra revenue back into their company to grow and make their services and staff even better. 

Our clients range from enterprises up to governments. We work with companies and governments who wish to equip themselves effectively for the digital world. 

We are a growing team of cyber security, IT and business management professionals. Who have experience from across the entire security and risk spectrum incorporating enterprise, military and government. Key members of the team include senior NATO and MOD electronic warfare adviser and IT professional with over 15 years of experience